How to Use LANGUAGE to Get What YOU WANT

Today's dating market is harder than ever.

Women get attention constantly across social media.

They aren't incentivized to go out either, instead seeking entertainment from Netflix and having food delivered via Doordash.

So how do you stand a chance?

The brilliance of texting (and why it's a MUST in your toolbelt) is that you can bypass most barriers and get women DIRECT to your place for dates.

Wild, right?

By combining the technical skills of texting with underlying psychological principles, you can actually build attraction in ways you wouldn't believe.

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The global lockdowns changed the dating market.

People don't go out as much and the days of having abundant chances meeting women has been reduced.

There have been Changes in the Game and as men we must adapt to them.

You're not alone, though.

Join your sherpas Huds and Andre in an intensive 4 week, 8 webinar course designed to bring you to the Next Level.

Huds is a World-Renowned Dating Coach and published author who is the EXPERT at cracking the code of Texting to get YOU what YOU want.

He is joined alongside Andre, who is the World's BEST NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner with decades of experience enticing and captivating the minds of women.

Always Know What to Say

Never fall flat on an approach again

Direct Your Interactions

Have your interactions end with your desired goal: The Successful Date

Develop a Winner's Mindset

Grow to be the Top Dog you truly are and easily brush off rejections

First Product of its Kind

Be a part of History. Never before has a course been built pulling together BOTH Fundamentals and Technicals.

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Learn Then Do

Build your understanding from the ground up and change your life FOREVER

What's Included:


4 Weeks of Webinars

8 x Zoom Webinars

2 hours each

Every Tuesday + Thursday



24/7 Telegram Chat

Telegram Chat with the Instructors and other course members until the end of 2022


Discounted Services

Future discounts on courses and the Instructor's individual services for when you want to continue on your journey to excellence


Maximum Growth

Change your life FOREVER with tools never before released to the general public. Grow and learn with us to get EXACTLY what you want in dating.



Typically, a single consult with either Huds or Andre is $200.

$200/hr for Huds

$200/hr for Andre

Total of 16 hours = $6,400

Course Bonuses

1. Huds' Exclusive "Successful Dating Profile" Template

[$50 Value]

2. Andre's Exclusive "Use Language Effectively" Cheat Sheet

[$50 Value]

That's a $6,500 Value

However, due to the need of developing this skill to be successful in today's dating market...

Only $747 for a LIMITED Time

Webinar Breakdown

Focused on Optimizing YOUR Heroes Journey

WEBINAR 1 • Mindset

Determining YOUR Goals

Do you want more dates?

Do you want a girlfriend?

Do you want a family?

In this first webinar we'll be dissecting your thoughts and develop your own unique clear-cut goals.

Topics Include:

  • How to Determine Your Goals
  • Clearly Define Those Goals
  • Setting Your Time Horizon

WEBINAR 2 • Texting

Starting Conversations

So you matched on a Dating App or got her number from Cold Approach.

What now?

After already helping hundreds of men through thousands of interactions, Huds will walk you through different opening styles so you never run out of things to say.

Topics Include:

  • Opener Styles
  • Saving Time Messaging Multiple Leads
  • Closing Leads into Full Conversations

WEBINAR 3 • Mindset

Dealing With Rejection

Rejection is a fact of life.

But it's perhaps the biggest hurdle when it comes to dating.

In this webinar we'll be pulling apart the "why" and providing you the tools to brush off rejection with flying colors.

Topics Include:

  • Become Your True Self
  • Confidence Building
  • Improving Self-Esteem

WEBINAR 4 • Texting

Directing Conversations

How do you take a conversation from "Hey" to a successful first date?

In this webinar Huds will walk you through how to curate conversations to work for YOU instead of blindly chit-chatting with women.

Topics Include:

  • Start-to-Finish Texting Close Examples
  • How to Have Conversations YOU Want
  • Dealing With Shit-Tests

WEBINAR 5 • Mindset

Overcoming Approach Anxiety

We're all familiar with how overwhelming Approach Anxiety can be.

In this webinar, Andre will help YOU unpack your fears and insecurities to arm you with the skills to CRUSH Approach Anxiety once and for all.

Topics Include:

  • Identifying YOUR Biggest Hurdles
  • Overcoming Hurdles
  • Be the REAL YOU to get the girls you want

WEBINAR 6 • Texting

Best Date Locations + Closing

Picking the right first date location is paramount to your success. Personally, Huds is a fan of Direct-To-Home and he'll show you exactly how to do this even if you've never met the girl IRL yet.

Topics Include:

  • 1st Date Locations
  • Direct-to-Home Dates
  • Closing with the "Tip of the Hat"

WEBINAR 7 • Mindset + Texting

Reviewing Your Interactions

You've now been on quite the journey.

Let's take a step back and analyze your experiences. Point out the good, the bad, and the ugly so you can continue improving at this accelerated rate.

Topics Include:

  • Participants to Share Personal Examples
  • Interaction Critiques + Tips
  • Questions that Haven't Been Asked Yet

WEBINAR 8 • Mindset + Texting

Closing Ceremony

How good does it feel to complete your journey and all the successful steps you've taken to get here?

The students, Huds, and Andre will revel in the glory of your story.

Topics Include:

  • Building Unconscious Competence 
  • Individual Goal Review
  • Next Steps to Success

This is a $6,500 value




Taught by Experts of their Field


Dating Coach


NLP Hypnotist

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit ANY man who wants to improve their dating skills.

Whether that be building a better mindset or simply improving texting skills, this program will teach you everything you need to be successful in today's dating marketplace.

Instead of blindly going through multiple courses with multiple coaches, this course is your one-stop-shop to success.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

You pay a one time fee of $747 for the course.

This includes over 16 hours of live, interactive webinars as well as support from the instructors throughout YOUR journey.

This is a STEAL for what we offer!

Is There A Refund Policy?

There is no Refund Policy.

Both Huds and Andre pride themselves in the quality of their work.

Remember, this is also a 2-way street.

The amount of work you put in will be directly proportional to the results you have.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll be added to a Telegram Chat with the Instructors as well as others members of the course.

This will be your main line of communication throughout the process.

Are you ready?

Become the Man You DESERVE to BE

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