Be Attractive.


What's that old phrase?

Be attractive, don't be unattractive?

Sounds silly, but it makes complete sense.

Every single day you are presenting yourself to the world.

Whether it's how you dress, what you post online, or simply how you communicate with others.

How do you present yourself?

Your dating profile is like your resume for a partner.

Review what you have put together (if you have so far).

How do you come across to a stranger?

Feel free to share with a friend, a neighbor, or heck, even an actual stranger if you aren't able to put yourself into that 3rd party mindset.

Is the reaction you receive what you expect?

Is it how you view yourself?


There are 3 basic pillars of attractiveness:






Are you the right weight for your height?

Did quarantine disintegrate your muscles?

Look at yourself in the mirror. If you are anything but happy with the reflection, GET TO WORK.

Think about it. Your physique is a reflection on how you care about yourself. If you're overweight, what does that say about you?

Or just reverse the thought process:

Would you prefer a girl to be fit or massively overweight?


How is your hairstyle? Do you have a beard? Are they both clean cut?

These are basics gentlemen.

If you need advice, go to a respected salon and ask someone for it. It still blows my mind how men neglect this very basic fundamental.

How about dress? Is your style on point? Do you get random compliments by strangers or from your friends?

If none of the above, you need to re-evaluate your attire. This can be done with simple research or by hiring an image consultant.


Where are you in life? Are you on a mission? Do you have a purpose?

Or are we working at McDonald's...?

Take serious inventory on who you are as a man. No woman wants to be with a sloth. Get your sh*t together, buck up, and strive to be something more.

A man on a mission is not just a man other men want to be, but a man women want to be with.

Go get it.

You'll be surprised with who you can become.

About the Author

Huds is a professional dating coach and published author experienced in helping men find, build, and grow relationships in the "New Normal".

With over 500 satisfied clients , Huds has shown that his methods don't just work, they change lives.